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The Beautiful Kenai River

Visit the most famous fishing river in all of Alaska   The Kenai River is a destination fishing spot like no other. It’s home to around 40 different species of fish, world-class fishing guides, and the world record King Salmon. Not only is the Kenai River a place that every angler should cross off of […]

Chinook Show No Mercy

A King Salmon is caught… Literally.   As you may already know, King Salmon can become real-life river monsters. Once you hook into one, they’ll offer up the fight of a lifetime. Chinook salmon average anywhere from 10 to 50 pounds, but have been known to grow up to twice that size, with the world […]

Fishing Tour Operators in Alaska

There are various fishing spots that people can enjoy in Alaska. People can enjoy the spectacular views as well as the abundant wildlife in Alaska. There are different kinds of services that guests can avail if thinking of holidaying in Alaska. Fishing Charters byin Alaska provide you with the equipment to have a spectacular Alaska […]

Why go Fishing?

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are planning for Alaska fishing trips. With the affinity to go fishing comes the natural love for lakes and rivers for some crazy reasons. These reasons might sound crazy but they hold weight, and can help you push towards the road to halibut […]

Explore The Hidden Jewels Of Alaska

If you want to experience the beauty, elegance, and sparkling vistas of nature, then Alaska is the best destination to roam. It is a place that is packed with the natural wonders, right from the sea, mountains, glaciers, and crevasses, to the most exotic and purely wild National Parks. The region is widely distributed and […]

Get Unforgettable Fishing Experience At Alaska

Alaska is one of the most beautiful regions in this world. It lies on the Arctic Circle. It attracts maximum number of adventure enthusiasts from all across the world. People generally drift here to appreciate the shades of nature and the natural wonders that have blessed this region. Its vast wilderness, lakes, valleys, coastlines, deep […]

Savouring & Celebrating Salmon Fishing In Alaska

Most fishing enthusiasts love to visit Alaska to catch both freshwater and saltwater fishes. They catch the most extensively found salmon fishes here in Alaska. Salmon fishing is highly celebrated here because it is found in most of the lakes, rivers, ponds and waterways.  Salmon Fishing in Alaska is mostly enjoyed from Spring to Fall […]

Need An Alaskan Salmon Fishing Guide?

There are a seemingly endless number of ways to prepare salmon, but there is nothing better than being able to savor the taste of an authentic wild Alaskan salmon that you caught yourself. No matter your level of experience, that’s an experience that the Alaska salmon fishing guides at Alaska Fish On Charters hope to […]