Alaska Fishing Trips

Looking to book an exciting and rewarding Alaska fishing trip? Alaska Fish On Charters provides full service Alaska fishing trips with salmon fishing and halibut fishing experience that is second to none. With over 70 years of experience guiding Alaska fishing trips on the Kenai river and the Halibut fishing in the Cook Inlet. The Kenai river is world renowned for salmon fishing and the Cook Inlet is highly regarded for its halibut fishing. Alaska Fish On Charters is located in the perfect location for Alaska fishing trips.

Our Alaska fishing guides provide you with all the tools you need to have a spectacular Alaska fishing trip. We don't brag - we let our repeat clients do it for us, and our goal is to send clients home with fish for their freezer and memories that last forever. Thank you for your interest in Alaska fishing trips and in Alaska Fish On Charters!

Alaska Fishing Trips

Alaska fishing trips vary greatly depending on what river you fish, and many of Alaska’s rivers offer breathtaking locations for you to enjoy. The Kenai River is a prime location for reeling in King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Red Salmon and Pink Salmon, as well as Trophy Trout. Other great rivers to utilize during Alaska fishing trips are the Kasilof River, the Ninilchik River, Deep Creek and more. Alaska is also known as the best place in the world to go halibut fishing, and once you boat a halibut during your Alaska fishing trip you will understand why. If you book an Alaskan fishing trip with us, we’ll ensure that you will get the most out of your trip to the Last Frontier.

Alaska Salmon Fishing Trips

Alaska Salmon Fishing Trips

Alaska salmon fishing may be some of the best fishing in the world, especially when your trip has a guide with Kenai River experience, patience, and professionalism. Our passion for salmon fishing on the Kenai River, providing exciting and fulfilling Alaska fishing trips for eager fisherman, and teaching the craft to others makes salmon fishing with Alaska Fish On Charters a personal experience, and one you’ll remember for years. Whether you are looking for the thrill of fishing big King Salmon or trying to fill your freezer with Silver Salmon, we have it all.  Our clients enjoy the company of our knowledgeable salmon fishing guides.  We have a high success rate of satisfied customers who rave about our Alaska fishing trips, along with letters of recommendation to prove it, too.

Alaska Halibut Fishing Trips

Alaska Halibut Fishing Trips

Alaskan halibut are some of the most sought after fish in the world and can be a great addition to the best Alaska fishing trips. Clients like the moist, flakey texture of halibut that goes with just about anything. The Cook Inlet is known for some of the best Alaskan halibut fishing around, and definitely a must-visit spot on any Alaska fishing trip. In fact, Homer is the Alaskan halibut fishing capital. Alaska Fish On Charters has an abundance of knowledge, from the best time of day and year to fish to the type of bait to use, to provide you with the ultimate Alaska Halibut fishing trips. Halibut are thrilling to fish for. These flatfish that linger at the depths of the water provide an exciting challenge for everyone during their Alaska trip, and you never know what size you’re going to catch when you drop your line down. Halibut range anywhere from 10 lbs to 410 lbs…

TrophyTrout Fishing Trips

Alaska Trophy Trout Fishing Trips

Alaskan trout is highly sought after by many fisherman. Enhance your Alaska fishing trip by committing to catching a trophy trout, and let Alaska Fish On Charters help you accomplish it. If you choose to embark on an Alaska fishing trip, you’ll learn that this state has many different places to fish for these brightly-colored, acrobatic fish.The Kenai River is a fly fisherman’s paradise and an essential stop on the best Alaska fishing trips. The state of Alaska has rivers that will produce trophy trout, but many people can’t afford to pay $5,000 to $7,000 for a week of fishing. At Alaska Fish On Charters, we offer trophy trout fishing for less than $2,000, which is an option that is great for your budget, but that still provides a stellar Alaska fishing trip experience.

Alaska Fly-in Fishing & Bear Viewing

Alaska Fly-in Fishing & Bear Viewing

Alaska fly-in fishing trips are a great addition to any Alaska fishing package.  When you are fishing for salmon or trout on a secluded Alaska fly-in trip you have a good chance of seeing bears in their natural habitat. Alaska bear viewing is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Alaska! If you have never witnessed bears in their natural habitat, it is something you will remember forever. The best place to experience this is on a fly-in fishing trip. Compliment your Alaska fishing trips with this exciting addition – Fish On with Gary can help you plan a day trip to witness a truly unique Alaska experience. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

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Alaska Fishing Packages

Alaska Fish On Charters offers a wide variety of feature-filled, competitively priced Alaska fishing packages out there. We have reduced the prices of our Alaska fishing packages to meet your budget and allow you to eat at some of the finest restaurants in Alaska! Our Alaska Fishing Packages have very competitive prices but that don’t mean we don’t have a quality guide service. We have some the best guides money can buy, and they are all available to help make the most of your trip in our Alaska Fishing Packages. We don’t like bragging about it – we catch fish to prove it. With our Alaska fishing packages, we don’t like to put you on a time frame and tell what time of the day you have to eat, so enjoy the savings and we will show you where to eat. If you want to put all your focus on the fishing, we’ll take care of making the food decisions for you. If you enjoy cooking and want to be hands-on in that aspect of your Alaska fishing trip, we also have kitchens in all of our lodging that is yours to use while staying with us. Our Alaska fishing packages are flexible so that you are guaranteed to have the experience you desire and catch the fish you came to Alaska for.

Captain's Special August & September

Captain’s Special (Aug & Sept)

Salmon & Halibut Package

  • 4 Nights of Lodging
  • 2 – 5 1/2hr trips of Guided Salmon Fishing ask about up grading for 8 to 9hr trips but limits are normally easy to catch for silvers
  • 1 Full Day of Guided Halibut Fishing
  • 50 lbs of Fish Processing
  • (All of our packages are changeable upon your request)
  • All Fishing Gear and Lodging Necessities are Included.
$990 per person for 4 guests | $1,005 per person for 3 guests | $1,090 per person for 2 guests |$1,340 for 1 guest

Relatives Paying for Shipping Package (May)

Relatives Paying for Shipping (May)

Halibut & King Salmon Combo Package

  • 6 Nights of Lodging
  • 2 Full Days of Guided King Salmon Fishing on the Kenai or Kasilof River
  • 2 Full Days of Guided Halibut & Salmon Combo on Cook Inlet Waters
  • 50 lbs of Fish Processing
  • (All of our packages are changeable upon your request)
  • All Fishing Gear and Lodging Necessities are Included.
Per Person Price – $1,585   Discounted Rate – $1,355

Fish & Go Package (June)

Fish & Go (June)

King Salmon Package

  • 4 Nights of Lodging
  • 3 Full Days of Guided King Salmon Fishing on the Kenai or Kasilof River
  • (All of our packages are changeable upon your request)
  • All Fishing Gear and Lodging Necessities are Included.
Per Person Price – $1,245   Discounted Rate – $1,045

Should Have Stayed Longer Package(June)

Should Have Stayed Longer (June)

Halibut & King Salmon Package

  • 5 Nights of Lodging
  • 2 Full Days of Guided King Salmon Fishing on the Kenai or Kasilof River
  • 1 Day of Guided Halibut Fishing on the Cook Inlet Waters
  • 1 Day of Sight Seeing or Fishing on Your Own – We Will Point You in the Right Direction
  • 50 lbs of Fish Processing and 1 Air line approved box
  • (All of our packages are changeable upon your request)
  • All Fishing Gear and Lodging Necessities are Included.
Per Person Price – $1,395   Discounted Rate – $1,225

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Nearby Restaurants & Stores

Kenai Peninsula

Your Alaska fishing trip doesn’t have to solely focus on fishing. There are many great restaurants and stores to enhance your Alaska fishing trip. Why pay top dollar for an all inclusive Alaska fishing trip when you can eat at some of the finest restaurants on the Kenai Peninsula to truly experience the life of the locals in the great Frontier? Check out the great food and stores within minutes of all our lodging as an added bonus of our Alaska fishing trips. The Kenai Peninsula has a lot of options to meet your needs. 

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Alaska Salmon Fishing

Alaska Fishing Guides

While fishing guides are common throughout the state, having the right guide makes a tremendous difference on your Alaska fishing trip. At Alaska Fish On Charters, we provide services that will make your adventure meet all of your expectations and enhance your Alaska fishing trip experience to the highest level. Alaska is a wonderful land of breathtaking beauty, and the best way to experience Alaska fishing trips and the Kenai River is with a trusted guide at your side. Alaska Fish On Charters is the go-to place to find the best guides to take you on the Alaska fishing trip of a lifetime.

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Alaska Fishing Vacation

Alaska Fishing Vacation

An Alaska fishing trip vacation wouldn’t be complete without a guided Kenai River adventure. You can choose between a variety of Alaska fishing trips with complete packages and stay in our comfortable fishing lodge for four to seven nights. Of course, there will be plenty of Alaska salmon on this Alaska fishing tip, but there are also days when you can explore other great features of the beautiful Kenai Peninsula. From high-end shops and restaurants, to plane and helicopter rides, to exploring the wildlife, you’ll never run out of things to do on your Alaska fishing trip.

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Alaska Gold Prospecting Adventure

Gold Prospecting Adventure

Alaska gold prospecting invites you to spend a day with us showing you the many different ways to prospect for gold In the 21st Century on one of our productive Alaskan gold claims. This is the perfect fun addition to any Alaska fishing trip.
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