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“If anyone knows about fishing in Alaska, it’s Gary. Gary has been catching fish for himself and others in the waters of the last frontier for over 35 years. His concern and dedication to the fishing community makes him well liked by both clients and fellow guides. He will do his best to see that you have an enjoyable experience.”

“To the angler it may concern, I have known Gary Kernan of Alaska Fish On Charters for the past four seasons while maintaining a professional working relationship, which I value. Gary voluntarily provides valuable fishery information and insight about the performance of sport fisheries in the Kenai River to me on a real time basis during the fishing season. I respect Gary’s ability to succinctly summarize the in-river fishery conditions while deployed on the Kenai River. I have relied upon Gary for truthful observations and insight in the fisheries management decision making process. Gary is very cooperative in nature and goes out of his way to assist managing agencies. He is a pleasure to work with and his clients always seem to have a smile on their face when I drop by his boat.”

George E. Pappas
North Kenai Peninsula Management Area
Sport Fish Division Area Biologist
Alaska Department of Fish and Game

“Gary Kernan of Alaska Fish On Charters has been a member in good standing with the Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council since its inception 16 years ago. Gary is very professional and stays involved with the sport fishing and tourism industries. Alaska Fish On Charters is well known in the area for providing a safe, fun, quality experience for their clients!”

Teresa Nichol
KPTMC Membership & Sales Manager

“I have known Gary for as long as he’s guided and would like you to know that he represents himself well, provides a quality experience for his anglers, and respects the resources associated with the Kenai River system. Gary has acquired and maintained all the required permits and licenses necessary of Kenai River guides. He cooperates with the managing agencies and provides a safe and positive experience for his clients.”

Bill Berkhahn
State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources

“Dear friend, Sportsman Club of America (S.C.A.) has greatly appreciated the exceptional service provided the past several years by Alaska Fish On Charters guide service. Gary’s professionalism, extensive knowledge, and skills have always led to a positive experience for our club members.

The success of S.C.A.’s members past fishing trips to the Kenai River and surrounding rivers are greatly attributed to the outstanding service your company provided. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to work with you this year and many more years to come.”

Charles A. Simonsen
President, S.C.A.

“I’ve had the opportunity to fish with Gary Kernan, a professional fishing guide on the Kenai River in Alaska. Gary is a knowledgeable and dedicated guide with a dual mission; not only instruct his clients no matter what their experience, but to get the clients fish! Kernan’s love of fishing began early in his life and of course he moved on from catching fish himself to helping others catch fish. ‘From the look on their face when they catch a big one, you know they’re hooked for life,’ stated Kernan.

His high energy level is matched with a focus on catching fish. However, when the fish is hooked, Kernan’s approach changes. Patient instruction and positive encouragement is provided for the angler as Kernan coaches him up to the point of landing the fish.

Having fished with many guides throughout the country, I highly recommend Gary Kernan’s Alaska Fish On Charters. An experience of a lifetime awaits. Don’t hesitate to contact Kernan early to guarantee he has a spot available for you.”

Bob Holzhei
Wilderness Outpost Books

“Just a note to let you know how happy my company is with Gary Kernan and his company, Alaska Fish On Charters.  This past year I sent one of my clients, Sterling Macer, and his son, Sterling Macer, Jr., to fish with Gary and they returned home euphoric. They were very, very happy with the fishing and with Gary as a guide.

Because of their recommendation, Alaska Fish On Charters has qualified for the Bass Pro Shops Preferred Outfitter/Guide Program.

I would be happy to recommend Gary to any of my clients, and will do so in the future.”

Marv Fremerman
President, Outdoor Wilderness Adventures


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