The Beautiful Kenai River

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The Beautiful Kenai River

Visit the most famous fishing river in all of Alaska


The Kenai River is a destination fishing spot like no other. It’s home to around 40 different species of fish, world-class fishing guides, and the world record King Salmon. Not only is the Kenai River a place that every angler should cross off of their bucket list, but it’s also located around some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

In recent years, Alaskan tourism has shown huge growth. This tourism boom has created a larger market for Alaskan fishing. Now, a large fishing guide industry has developed along the Kenai River to help visitors catch the fish of a lifetime from the best fishing river in the state.


Why the Kenai?

The Kenai River is the be all end all of Alaskan fishing tourism. The 82-mile long river is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the state, and that’s saying something. The Kenai, which ends at the Cook Inlet near the Gulf of Alaska, is home to many different species native to Alaska.

Wildlife near the Kenai River is an incredible site, and wildlife is a huge reason for the Alaskan tourism boom. However, it’s best to keep a distance when observing Alaskan wildlife. The Kenai Peninsula is home to predators both on land and lurking in the waters. Some of these fierce animals include bears, wolves, coyotes, and killer whales. The Kenai Peninsula is an excellent vacation destination for outdoorsmen and wildlife enthusiasts. Guests often take wildlife tours down the Kenai River while visiting the area, but we highly recommend guided fishing trips for the most indulging outdoorsmen.


Fish of a Lifetime

Some of the largest Alaskan fish have been caught from the Kenai River. The world record Chinook salmon was pulled out of the river, weighing in at just under 100 pounds. The river is known as a premium fishing destination not only by Alaskans, but by anglers from all over the continent. This river, home to over 40 different species of fish, is best known for its Chinook (King) salmon, red salmon, silver salmon, Coho salmon, rainbow trout, and halibut fishing.

With so many species to fish, it may seem like a difficult task deciding which trophy to chase. Some tourists fish for sport, while others fish for delicious meals. The King salmon is known as the granddaddy of Alaskan fish. Not only do these monsters get huge, but these renowned fish are also the best tasting thing in Alaska. No matter your reason for fishing in Alaska, be sure to bring along a guide to help you create an unforgettable fishing memory.


Book a Trip Today

Contrary to popular belief, a trip to Alaska can be very affordable. Kenai is only a short flight from Anchorage and is home to incredible sights and beautiful wildlife. If you’re an adventure-seeker or outdoor enthusiast, visiting the beauties of Alaska is a must.

If you’re interested in a wildlife tour or an Alaskan fishing trip, be sure to book a reliable guide who will help make your experience memorable. At Alaska Fish On Charters, we pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy visitors and provide knowledgeable experience that will help make their stay an unforgettable one. Book your Alaska Fish On trip today by reaching us through our online contact form or calling us toll free at 1-888-283-4002!

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