Alaska Fishing Lodging

Alaska Fish On Charters can help you with your Alaska Fishing Lodging needs during your visit to the Kenai Peninsula. Below you’ll find some of the lodging accommodations we offer that will make your Alaska fishing vacation as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Our lodging has some of the best views and fishing that Alaska has to offer located right out the front door. Please contact us early so we can determine availability and schedule an accurate reservation for you.

You will receive a response no later than 1 or 2 business days with availability of your accommodations. Please make sure to include any special requests you may need, or would like, and we will do our best to see that you have the most enjoyable experience at your lodge.

Alaska Fish On Charters is offering two different locations to choose from for our Alaska Fishing Lodging:

All of our fishing packages on the website do not include prices for river-front lodging, so your final package price will be higher. If you want a river-front lodge, please let us know.

Fish Processing Available

Alaska Mountain View Lodging

– Come join us in our new Alaskan fishing lodge overlooking the Kenai Peninsula’s Cook Inlet waters with spectacular views of the Alaskan Mountain range. Enjoy sitting outside your lodge while watching the Inlet waters, as beluga whales often pass by along with thousands of salmon heading for the Kenai River and various other rivers. More details here…

Fish Processing Available

Kenai River Front Lodging

– We are offering 4 options of private river access on the Kenai river to call home during your Alaska fishing vacation. More details here…

Processing Your Mighty Catch!

Our fishing lodge saves you several dollars in the vacuum sealing and freezing of your fish. We do all of our processing and freezing right on the premises, while many guides do not provide these services. Instead, they send you to local processing plants that will charge you $1.50 to $2.00 per pound to do the same thing that our lodging offers. With their services, there is even a chance that they don’t return the fish YOU caught. If you take the time, money and energy to fish for Alaska’s great fish, you want to know that you end up with what you caught.

Alaska Fishing Lodging


What Our Customers Are Saying

Dear Gary & Darlene,

I wanted to thank you for setting up a great trip for us. Everyone in our family that went enjoyed themselves immensely and those that didn’t go were envious! We were able to experience a lot of what the Kenai Peninsula had to offer and we caught a ton of fish doing it. Even though we never actually got to fish together, I would recommend your services to anyone I know if we want to fish with you we need to book early. The scenery was amazing and the fishing was great. The Alaska Fishing Lodge was vary roomy, functional, comfy, and well equipped along with exceptionally clean. Brandon was so much help with the vacuum packing and freezing of our fish Thanks again for helping provide a trip of a life time.

Sontag Family

Dear Gary and Darlene,

Thanks so much for our wonderful accommodations and fishing trips on our first ever Alaska vacation.
You made our trip very memorable and all of our family can’t wait to do it all over again.
The wakeup call from Darlene when she said it’s time to fish, was appreciated when we all over slept while Gary waited. Those long June days up there take some getting use to for us “lower 48 folks” especially for “Ma and Pa”.

We all enjoyed the trips out fishing with Gary so much, he was a lot of fun and made the guided trip memorable and so much fun. We will surely be back on his boat with him as our guide for sure!  We will never forget our great experience due to all the hospitality and fun from you both as our host. The Alaska Fishing Lodge were very clean, quiet and comfortable, you guys were very helpful dealing with all our fish, especially Ma’s 40 pound Kenai Kings. You were always there when we needed you and as you know we were a very needy bunch. Such great fun and great hospitality.  Have a great summer and we will see you next summer for another great experience.

Your friends in Oregon
Marvin and Karen, Cecil and Charlotte (Ma & Pa), Brian and Carol