Alaska Kenai River Fishing

Alaska King Salmon (Chinook)

bigfish_john_richensThe Kenai Peninsula has many rivers that have thousands of king salmon entering them every year with the Alaska Kenai River Fishing being rated # 1 for size. Alaska Kenai River Fishing holds 8 out of the top 10 record king salmon in the world with the world record being 97.4 lbs caught in 1985 May 17th by Les Anderson. I have always said world records are meant to be broke, and many people have come close to doing so and did not succeed by losing the fish or coming up a little short of the weight.

Every year it is not uncommon to catch fish weighing between 60 & 80 lbs with the majority of the fish averaging 30 to 50 lbs. The Kenai king salmon are some of the hardest fighting kings that I have ever hooked. Plan on fighting one of these massive fish anywhere from a half hour up to an hour when we are in the tidal waters and the fish are just coming out of the saltwater.

Our guides fish mostly down in the lower part of the river so you stand a chance of getting a fish that has high quality meat and outstanding power when it just enters the river from the ocean. The methods that we use for fishing these mighty fish are back trolling and back bouncing. Both of these methods are vary effective in catching these monster fish and are easy to learn with your patient guide.

Now these Ladies know how to fish! 3 nice kings in 3 hours.

The king salmon will have 2 different times that they will enter the Kenai River. The first run will enter the river in the beginning of May and finish in the end of June. The second run of king s will enter the Kenai in the first part of July and run through the middle of August. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game will close the season down for king salmon on the last day of July and sometimes gives us an extension until the 10 of August if the run is strong. This extension will not be know until they see how strong the run is so it is not possible to book for it but is worth being here for if they extend it.


When you are fishing for the massive king salmon always keep one thing in mind; the guide that you will be with deals with these fish everyday and most likely knows what that fish is going to do before you do. It is always good to listen to everything that the guide has to tell you when he gives you instructions. I have had these fish wrap my fishing poles around my motor more then once when they decide they want to run and you are standing on the opposite side of the boat. Our records are outstanding for getting the fish in the boat after being hooked and staying on the line for more then 2 minutes.

Don’t miss out on the chance of hooking into and landing one of the last breeds of this strain of king salmon found nowhere else in the World.